Welcome to the web-site of Yorkshire terrier kennel GLAMOUR SHOW!

On pages of my site you find out information about my dogs who are the biggest my love and the main hobby of all my life.

My breeding is based, mainly, on aspiration to have healthy dogs with as much as possible expressed pedigree and natural kind. The kennel is interested in owners responsible, taking a great interest and loving breed for the future puppies. I am always ready to help you to choose the perspective puppy for Show. I hope, that my dogs will please the owners with the victories on Dog Shows, or become, good partners to those who have got a dog, as the friend.

The kennel GLAMOUR SHOW offers:

  • Puppies from Champions and the Best representatives of breed
  • Breeding with skilled and checked up males, who has the best bloods of leading kennels of Russia and the Europe.

In Internet-shop GLAMOUR SHOW you will find everything that is necessary for show dogs:

  • Professional cosmetics PURE PAWS (product of the USA)
  • Accessories from the USA: leads, bows, a rice paper, elastic bands, the literature and etc.

I hope that my site will be interesting and useful to you!

Professional groomer, the owner of kennel GLAMOUR SHOW
Mitulya Lyudmila